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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Review of Excerpt from Beyond the Cayenne Walls; Collection of Short Stories

*Excerpt Only*

Author: Shaila Abdallah; Feb. 2009, Loving Healing Press, Excerpt from e-book

I appreciated the chance to download this e-book (excerpt) from the author in exchange for signing up for her newsletter. I had not read any of her material before.

The story is an interesting one and I would certainly like to read the book in its entirety. That being said; I did feel there is (way) too much flourish being used in the English language with this work. Far too many descriptions, metaphors; too much attention to embellishment. It served as quite a distraction to me. I definitely feel style could use some improvement; particularly in this regard.

Again, however, the story is an interesting one full of raw emotion and begs to elicit compassion from its readers. A full scope of human tragedy is laid out before us and we all become sympathizers.

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