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Friday, June 26, 2009

I Apologize by author Bradley Booth

Affluent Publishing, 324 pp.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank author Bradley Booth for granting me the pleasure and privilege of receiving his new novel, I Apologize, in exchange for the opportunity of reviewing it. This was made possible through Library Thing's Member Giveaway Early Reviewer's program.

This story is a poignant study of powerful human emotions laid bare in a drama of love, loss and grief and one man's struggle to overcome the overpowering effects of these emotions before they destroy him. The language used is simple and repetitive, but paints a clear portrait of the characters and storyline. The reader experiences a rollercoaster of emotions as his sympathies swing first towards one character and then to another. The reader is kept riveted to his seat turning the pages until the very end by a plot which is centered around an apocalyptic event from the past; which is often referred to but not divulged to the reader until the end of the book.

I found this book all the more meaningful, as it is a creation born of personal experiences in the author's life and the writing of it provided a catharsis for him.

The book's jacket design is very alluring and colorful with an air of mystery about what the enclosed novel holds in store for the reader. It should attract the attention of plenty of browsers who would do well to pick it up and take it home to experience it for themselves.

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