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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fragment by Warren Fahy

Delacorte Press; 352 pp.

Move over Jurassic Park! Make way for the unimaginable beasts running rampant on a totally isolated, heretofore undiscovered island with biological horrors that will keep you up all night and populate your nightmares, too. This is ecological terror at its finest. A young team of scientists, and tv crew have drifted to the ends of the earth in their high tech studio-ship-at-sea while filming a lackluster tv reality show, when they pick up an SOS signal from the most remote spot of land on the planet. The drama is about to pick up speed in ways they can't even imagine, and the reality is about to get out of hand! The question changes from "who will the daily romance involve" to "who will survive and get off of this island alive; or will anyone, or anything survive?" This is a summer blockbuster adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can hardly wait for the movie this is sure to inspire. I appreciate having been awarded this book through Library Thing's Member giveaway program and would like to extend my thanks to LT, the publishers and the author for this enjoyable experience.

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