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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Preparation (H)ead Literature Suppository by Boomer M. Wadaska, Christopher Michael and Kyle Bernhardy

Illegal Pad Publishing, 237 pp.

Wow! This is definitely some crazy, off-the-wall stuff. But you know what, I think I actually liked it. It really grows on you. Three young men have contributed various writings to form this work; from poems and short stories to cartoons and musings. In so doing, they often lay bare their imaginations and gut-wrenching emotions. These three young men possess alot of creativity. Oftentimes, hormones have taken over the stories, as one would expect in young men going through, and just past, and beyond puberty. This is not literature in its finest, pure form; although every once in awhile a spark of true writing prowess shines through. No, I think this is something altogether different, and every bit as important as that literary classic. I actually felt as if I came to know these three, and that they have now been friends of mine for years. This book deserves to stand proudly next to America's Best Non-required Reading and Uncle John's Bathroom Readers in homes across the country. Good work, boys.

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