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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review: Paula Takes a Risk, by Randi M. Sherman



128 pages
     Publisher: FriesenPress (January 30, 2012)
     Language: English
     ISBN-10: 1770971556
     ISBN-13: 978-1770971554

Paula Takes A Risk is an enjoyable and quick read.  At times hilarious and at times a tearjerker, this is a great book to take on the airplane with you or throw in your bag to take to the beach. It follows the boring and mundane existence of the not very adventurous or exciting Paula Tenenbaum.  Paula thought she had life under control.  She had a job she felt was secure and a boyfriend she thought might marry her.  But then the bottom fell out of Paula’s formerly stable world.  One inconspicuous day, she first lost her job; and then her boyfriend broke up with her.  This set Paula into a spiral of depression from which it seemed there was no escape.
Enter Larry—Paula’s sleazy, irresponsible and conniving neighbor.  Larry has a new “scheme” up his sleeve, and he figures he can use Paula to help him pull it off.  Although Paula is hesitant to get involved, she ends up getting caught up in Larry’s excitement and is drawn into Larry’s web.  After a period of time “living the high life” playing the part of a persona completely new and unfamiliar to her, Paula discovers that she really has become the character she has been portraying herself to be.  Through this experience, Paula has become much more self confident, flashy and, generally speaking, just a more exciting person to be around.

Just as Paula accepts Larry for the scumbag he really is, and gets ready to branch off on her own putting her new-found self confidence to better use; the inevitable happens, and their scheme is exposed and quickly unravels.  What will become of these two now?  Will Paula be able to find a new niche in life, on her own?  You won’t want to put down this book until you find out what is to happen to our loveable, completely fallible heroine.

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