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Monday, April 1, 2013


NOTE:  This is a Note I created for Facebook just over a year ago (Feb. 21, 2012).  I am in the process of copying all of my FB Notes over to my two Blogs.  When they have all been copies over; I will be creating new posts for my Blogs. 

Governor Christie is to be commended for standing by his decision. I do believe in honor and respect for our servicemen. They are heroes. But nowhere does the law state that they, or law enforcement, are the only people deserving of honor. Whitney Houston left a legacy to the music world of invaluable worth. She had what was most likely one of, if not the very best, voices of the last century. She overcame the blatant racism that is so unfortunately prevalent in our society, to make her mark in a very big way on the music world. She filled our lives with extremely beautiful music, that will live on forever. Yes, she lost her voice and her way. But that cannot erase the legacy that she had created and that will live on, as some of the most beautiful music of our time. It was a tragedy for her and her family; and one that so many entertainers of all races have suffered from: Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Freddie Prinze, Karen Carpenter, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse--I believe the list goes on and on. I do completely respect our servicemen. My family has been filled with servicemen since the Revolutionary War, and before that most likely; most recently being my father serving in the South Seas in World War II. But I don't see how honoring someone who has left behind a musical legacy such as Whitney, dishonors a serviceman. Our society has raised us to believe that war is all but inevitable and we must uphold our honor and patriotism by fighting. I'm not going to debate any of that; but I believe powerful, uplifting and beautiful music such as Whitney's "Greatest Love of All" could help us bridge gaps between ideologies and other factors that cause us to fight. I know the world has to change before such a day can ever come; but when that day comes, I'll take singing over fighting anytime!  Thank you Governor Christie, for standing up for what you, and I, believe in. Thank you Whitney Houston, for the lasting gift you gave to the music world with a voice that few can ever compare to. Rest in peace.

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